Miso Making Kit

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Craft Traditional Miso at Home with Tabchilli’s Miso Making Kit!

Embark on a culinary adventure with Tabchilli’s comprehensive Miso Making Kit. This kit includes everything you need to create up to 1Kg kg of authentic miso paste, right from the comfort of your kitchen. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned fermenter, our kit simplifies the process of making the three primary types of miso:

White Miso (Sweet Miso): Ferments for 2 to 8 weeks.
Yellow Miso: Requires 6 months of fermentation.
Red Miso (Aka Miso): Develops its flavors over a year or more.
Included is a detailed handbook to tailor the miso fermentation to your personal taste preferences.

Benefits of Tabchilli’s Miso Kit:

User-Friendly: Straightforward, easy-to-follow steps.
High-Quality Ingredients: Only the best, locally sourced from Dubai.
Robust Equipment: Durable tools designed for repeated use.
Customizable Flavor: Craft miso that suits your palate.

Our miso Kit
350 organic soybeans (locally produced in Dubai)
350g koji rice (specially cultivated for miso in Dubai)
300g Fleur de sel sea salt
2L jar for use.

Start your miso-making journey with Tabchilli today and bring a touch of traditional Japanese flavor to your dining table!

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