Barley Koji spores

25 AED

Elevate your fermentation projects with our Barley Koji Spores, carefully sourced from Hishiroku, Kyoto — a revered producer with over 350 years of excellence in spore cultivation. These spores are specifically selected for their efficacy in fermenting barley, perfect for creating rich, savory misos and other traditional Japanese ferments.


Perfectly suited for fermenting barley, enhancing its natural flavors to produce exceptional miso.
Utilized in our premium production of dried barley koji.
Sourced from Hishiroku, a distinguished koji spore producer with a storied history, recognized as one of only six spore producers in Japan.
Trusted by over 99% of Japanese breweries, the impeccable quality of Hishiroku spores is essential for achieving the profound flavors characteristic of traditional barley ferments.

1g of our quality Barley Koji Spores can effectively inoculate up to 1kg of barley, ideal for those passionate about crafting authentic barley-based ferments.

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