Soy Sauce Koji Spores

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Soy Sauce Koji Spores (1g): Master the Art of Umami

Enhance your home brewing with our Soy Sauce Koji Spores, carefully sourced from Hishiroku, Kyoto — a celebrated producer known for its dedication to quality for over 350 years. These spores are specially selected to optimize the fermentation process of soy sauce, bringing out its rich, complex flavor profile.


Ideal for brewing robust soy sauce.

Sourced from Hishiroku, a venerable koji spore producer with an extensive history. Hishiroku stands out as one of only six spore producers in Japan.
Trusted by over 99% of Japanese breweries, the exceptional quality of Hishiroku spores is crucial for crafting the deep, iconic flavors associated with traditional soy sauce.

1g of our quality Soy Sauce Koji Spores can inoculate up to 1kg of substrate, making it perfect for those looking to delve into authentic soy sauce fermentation.

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