White Koji Spores

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White Koji Spores (1g): Perfect for Sweet Ferments

Craft exceptional sweet misos (shiro miso) and amazake with our White Koji Spores, sourced from Hishiroku, Kyoto — one of the oldest and most reputable koji starter producers in Japan. Our spores are ideal for those who value authenticity and quality in their fermentation projects.


Best suited for making sweet misos and amazake.
Used in our own production of dried rice koji.
Sourced from Hishiroku, a distinguished koji spore producer with over 350 years of history. Hishiroku is recognized as one of only six spore producers in Japan.
Relied upon by over 99% of Japanese breweries, the quality of Hishiroku spores is essential for achieving the distinctive tastes and flavors in traditional ferments like sake, miso, and shoyu.

1g of our quality koji spores can be used to make 1kg of substrate.

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