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About Us

Hello There 😊 I’m Maher el Tabchy, the founder of Tabchilli, the pioneering producer of fermented foods in the UAE, based right here in Dubai.

Why Tabchilli? Why fermented foods? My journey into fermentation began over a decade ago when I started fermenting chili through a meticulous three-month process, initially creating gifts for family members and friends. My travels have also allowed me to immerse myself in diverse culinary cultures, but I’ve always been drawn to the tangy, funky flavors produced by microbes rather than fire.

Wild Fermentation

Our fermentation processes are diverse and dynamic. We harness lacto-fermentation to create our vibrant kimchi and fiery hot sauce, acetic fermentation for crafting artisanal vinegars and refreshing kombucha, and mold-based fermentation to develop our richly flavored miso.

At the heart of our craft, we rely on beneficial bacteria to transform simple ingredients into complex, flavorful foods that are as nutritious as they are delicious..

Fleur de Sel

At the heart of our fermentation process is fleur de sel, the finest and purest form of salt. Salt is essential in fermentation as it draws out moisture, creating a hostile environment for harmful bacteria while nurturing beneficial microbes. Using fleur de sel enhances flavor and ensures the highest quality in our products, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

The Waiting

Time is a key ingredient in our fermentation processes. From two weeks for our kombucha to three months for our hot sauce, and even longer for our miso, time is essential in developing deep, complex flavors. Each waiting period allows the natural fermentation process to work its magic, transforming simple ingredients into richly flavored, health-enhancing foods. These extended durations ensure that every batch released from our shop reaches its full flavor potential, making the wait worthwhile

Raw & Alive

Our products are kept raw and alive, unpasteurized to preserve their natural probiotics. Our chili is finished with extra virgin olive oil, creating an anaerobic environment that enhances its flavors and probiotic content without the need for vinegar or pasteurization. Our sauerkraut, kimchi, and miso are also stored refrigerated to slow the fermentation process. All our products boast a one-year shelf life, ensuring they stay delicious and beneficial for health long after they leave our shop.

Our Terracotta Spoon

Our taste notes are velvety, earthy, woody, and tangy with a slight umami finish- while our heat is steady building and not overpowering.
To maintain the perfect serve and avoid any transfer of taste, we chose to have in every package a hand-made terracotta spoon.
Each spoon has earthy tones and is individually made – keeping the handcrafting and traditions as an end-to-end process.
At the same time, they will not allow any transfer of taste, as they would if it were a metal spoon.

Weight LossWeight Loss
Good for the HeartGood for the Heart
Digestive HealthDigestive Health
Healthy SkinHealthy Skin
Lower Blood PressureLower Blood Pressure
Anti InflamatoryAnti Inflamatory
Prevents CancerPrevents Cancer
Diabetes TreatmentDiabetes Treatment

Our Mission is to nourish your food, body and mind through the power of fermented foods.

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