Fermentation crock 26L

1.100 AED

Homemade sauerkraut with the original K&K ceramic fermentation pot Form 2 made of stoneware.

The K&K fermentation pot with its bulbous shape and deep water channel is ideal for fermenting all kinds of fruit and vegetables.

The fermentation pot impresses with its 1.5 cm thick base, which guarantees a firm footing.
With its bulbous shape, the K&K ceramic fermentation pot fits into modern furnishings. The matching handles of the fermentation pot allow it to be transported easily and safely and round off the appearance.

The 26.0 liter fermentation pot is ideal for households of 6 people or more who want to produce their own organic pickled vegetables (such as sauerkraut) for the first time.

With the 26.0 liter stoneware fermentation pot, nothing stands in the way of your pickled vegetables. After just 4 weeks you can enjoy your first sauerkraut, for example.

Approx. 15.5 kg of cabbage fit into the 26.0 liter fermentation pot.

Each K&K ceramic fermentation pot comes with:

incl. weighting stone made of stoneware (ceramic)
incl. lid made of stoneware (ceramic)
incl. a small brochure with recipes (German/English/French/Spanish)


Item weight: 12.00kg _
Dimensions ( width × height ): 36.00×51.50cmø opening: approx. 19.0 cm

Of course, this fermentation pot is also:
free of lead and cadmium, dishwasher-safe and acid-resistant


Fermentation crock 26L


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