Fleur De Sel

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What is Fleur de Sel?
Fleur de Sel, meaning “Flower of Salt” in French, is a rare and exceptional sea salt. Hand-harvested from the historic salt ponds of Anfeh, Lebanon, it’s renowned for its unique qualities:

Purity: Fleur de Sel is celebrated for its unmatched purity, collected from the top layer of salt ponds where it is untouched by impurities.

Delicate Crystals: Its fine, irregular crystals are carefully harvested, giving it a distinctive texture and appearance.

Subtle Flavor: With a subtly sweet and mineral-like taste, Fleur de Sel is often used as a finishing salt, adding a final touch of flavor to dishes.

Versatility: Beyond its culinary finesse, Fleur de Sel also excels as a fermenting salt, enhancing the fermentation process.

Experience the essence of history and purity with our Fleur de Sel. Order now and elevate your culinary creations!


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