Water Kefir Making kit

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Explore the Sparkling World of Water Kefir with Our Complete Kit in Dubai

Dive into the effervescent world of water kefir, an easy and fun way to introduce probiotics into your diet. Our Water Kefir Kit contains everything you need to start brewing your own fizzy, probiotic-rich beverages right at home. Water kefir grains, consisting of beneficial bacteria and yeasts, ferment a sugar-water solution into a refreshing, carbonated drink.

Features of the Water Kefir Kit:

Non-GMO and Gluten-Free: Ensure a pure and beneficial probiotic experience with our all-natural grains.

Kit Includes:

1L Kilner Clip-top Jar – Perfect for both fermenting and storing your water kefir.
Butter Muslin and Stainless Steel Strainer – For straining your kefir, ensuring clarity and smoothness.
Organic Sugar – The ideal food source for your kefir grains, ensuring robust fermentation.
Temperature Strip and Recipe Card – Keep your brew at the ideal temperature and try various tasty recipes.
Water Kefir Grains – Begin producing up to 4 cups of water kefir daily with our high-quality grains.
Start your probiotic journey with our Water Kefir Kit in Dubai and enjoy homemade, health-boosting refreshments every day.

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