Blending Wild Fermentation and Heritage

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The Product

Tabchilli tames the heat of the 100000 Scoville rated thai chilli bird, through a long process of wild fermentation and infusion in Extra virgin olive oil. The result is a slow steady building heat that blends earthy and tangy flavors packed with nutritious health benefits.

The Spoon

Metal spoons are known to transfer flavor. For Tabchilli, to eliminate any flavor contamination, we chose to source handmade terracotta spoons. Each piece is unique and imperfectly balanced to mimic our wild fermentation, craft and earthy flavors.



The ingredients that make Tabchilli as a base have been selected for the heritage, taste and craftsmanship in harvesting them ; knowledge that has been passed through more than 100 generations from different hands on the same ancient lands.


Also known as Thai chilli bird, bird chilis or bird's-eye chilis, or prik kee noo, these tiny 1 to 1 1/2-inch chilli’s range in color from green to red and are at 100,000 scoville heat.

Fleur de Sel

Fleur de sel are the distinctive pyramid-shaped crystals that rise to the top during the evaporation process in Salt ponds. Like a delicate flower they bloom and float on the surface and must be gently harvested by hand; containing no gypsum or other impurities from the sea.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the least-processed, freshest olive oil on the market. To maximize freshness, extra virgin olive oil is often made via cold press or stone press. This means no heat was used in the oil’s production. Avoiding heat is one of the best ways to preserve the polyphenols and other antioxidants in olive oil

The Wild Fermentation

For thousand of years, humans have been mastering the fermentation process, primarily in the form of fermented beverages. While many regard it as a simple process, in truth, it is an art form that is slowly disappearing as most fermented foods are today industrialized in controlled environments.
For Tabchilli, we leverage on “Wild fermentation”, which is the reliance on naturally occurring bacteria and yeast to ferment food. In essence, It is all about creating the appropriate conditions for microorganisms to multiply & alter the taste of ingredients to create diverse flavors and textures known as “Umami”. It also has a dual role, whereby it enhances the nutritional value and stimulates growth of good gut bacteria – otherwise known as probiotics. Our fermentation is a particularly long one, to ensure we bring the best out of the flavor and the nutrients.


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Naturally fermented chilli infused in extra virgin olive oil. Every ordered jar comes in a premium gifting package containing one handmade terracotta spoon. A perfect gift to treat yourself or your chilli loving friends.

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